letters to our daughters

words of wisdom to the next generation of girls


"Letters to Our Daughters" is a passion project inspired by my first years of motherhood and the progression of the women's movement.  When I became a parent, the brevity of life became much more apparent.  I felt like I needed to write my daughter a letter not only to express my love for her but to somehow guide her as a female in this world.  The goal of this project is to gather and collect letters dedicated to the younger generation of girls.  My hope is to create an empowering anthology that celebrates the amazing bond women share.

if you were to leave this world tomorrow, what is the one piece of advice you'd give your daughter?


Write a note to a young daughter, granddaughter, future daughter, or daughter you never had.  Not only is it something special for them to look back on, but it is an opportunity to pause in this busy life, reflect and capture this moment in time.  


To contribute to this project, provide your address below to be mailed our letter writing kit.